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CR GEMS diamond has been widely applied in stone industry.

1.  For granite, marble, and other stone’s cutting & sawing

The GSD & GHD series can be used in wire saws, gang saws, group saws, large circular saws, and cutting blades. 

They  are able to enhance the process efficiency, extend the tool life, and thus reduce the cost.

2. For marble, granite, and other stone’s grinding and shaping 

The GMD series, featured with high toughness, and the GRD series, featured with high sharpness, can be used in tools such as grinding wheels, router bits, grinding pads, polishing bits, and needle files.

3. For polishing wheels and polishing pads for marble, granite and other types of stones

The GMP series diamond micro powder, featured with evenly and narrowly distributed particle size, is well fit for these applications.