New photovoltaic policy 2019

Date of publication:2019-09-29

Several major photovoltaic markets are about to break out under the new central government policy

Recently, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council issued the Outline for “the Construction of a Transport Power”, and issued a circular, requiring all departments in various regions to implement it conscientiously in accordance with the actual situation.

It refers to

1. Promoting new energy, clean energy, intellectualization, digitization, lightweight, environment-friendly transportation equipment and complete sets of technical equipment.

2. Encourage and guide green bus travel, and advocate the concept of green low-carbon travel.

3. Strengthen energy conservation, emission reduction and pollution prevention. Optimize the energy structure of transportation, promote the application of new energy and clean energy, promote energy saving and emission reduction of road freight, and promote the realization of electrification, new energy and cleanliness of all urban public transport and urban logistics distribution vehicles.