Tool material development background

Date of publication:2020-11-20

The development history of cutting tool material is the history of metal cutting process development and innovation. Ceramic cutting tool and the ultra hard tool materials today than ever before of carbon tool steel cutting speed increased more than 100 times, visible, in order to meet the needs of the development of new industries, people's innovation ability also have been digging, cutting tool materials are also adapt to the evolution of the environment, each the emergence of a new cutting tool material, make mechanical processing ability and level of step forward.


Over the past 130 years, tool materials from carbon tool steel to super hard tool materials have a great development, the 18th century, the first emergence of carbon tool steel, the cutting temperature can withstand 200~250℃, cutting speed only 4~10m/min. In 1990, a high speed steel cutter was introduced. The red hardness was improved and it can be cut at 500~600℃.

The cutting speed is increased 3~4 times. Then came tungsten carbide, can be processed in 800~1000℃ cutting temperature, cutting speed is 4~10 times higher than ordinary high speed steel, and can process a variety of difficult materials, greatly improve the metal cutting productivity, promote the development of the mechanical industry.