Series Brief Application Recommend

Series Brief

The GMT series diamonds have  sharp and octahedral crystals, the eight crystal facets are the hardest {111} facets, the crystal edges and crystal tips are abnormally prominent.

At the same time, GMT octahedral diamond has high purity, low magnetic properties, uniform crystal form, and high concentration of particles.


Available grade&size :


Note: we can customize products for customers to meet their personalized requirements.

Application Recommend

GMT-5+ octahedral diamond has high and consistent quality, its performance is highly praised by customers.

By further special treatment of diamonds, GMT-5P minimizes static electricity and magnetism which close to zero, meeting the stringent requirements of electronics and other industries.

GMT octahedral diamond is suitable for applications with high efficiency and high precision requirements, especially suitable for orderly directional sanding tools.

Cutting sheets such as sapphire, liquid crystal substrate glass, silicon, etc., and conditioning discs for chemical mechanical polishing pads.

It brings ultra-high sharpness to the tool which improve processing efficiency. It makes the size of the object to be processed more precise and consistent, and the surface finish is better.