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Series Brief

GSD series diamonds are produced with high quality raw material and advanced production process. It is monocrystal diamond with complete crystal shape which is mainly regular hexahedron and octahedron of high purity, strength and thermal stability.

They are suitable for sawing, drilling in the stone processing, geological drilling and construction industry.
The size range is from 20/25 to 70/80. Available grades from GSD9910 to GSD9980.

In addition, we can customize products for customers to meet their personalized requirements.

image.png  image.png

Remark: Based on different raw materials and production processes, other diamond saw grits like CRC, CRJ, GHD, etc.  are available to meet different needs.

Grades Description 

GSD9980 diamond has regular crystalline shape, high purity, toughness and thermal stability, it is applicable in the sawing and drilling conditions with strong impact and heavy load.

GSD9950 is medium toughness diamond, relatively high purity, it could be applied in the strong impact, fast cutting speed and relatively low power environment.

GSD9910 is fragile diamond. The crystal is angular and sharp. The purity is lower. It is applicable in the sawing condition with lower impact strength.

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Available grade & size  ( * available )

Remark: Special size range could be customer-oriented.

Coating Brief

In order to meet the requirements of sawing and drilling applications in more complex environments, our company has introduced a series of coated diamonds. The coating can effectively protect the diamond from erosion by oxygen and carbon-soluble materials during the sintering process. The retention strength of diamond and bond can be greatly improved thus to prolong the life of tools.  The coating could also improve the height of protrusion of diamond, enhance the sharpness of the tool, reduce energy consumption  and help to reduce costs for customers.

Available coating and coating level :

GSD coating.png

Note: The coating and coating level can be customized according to customers' requirement.

Application Recommend

Diamond tools made of saw grits can be used to process granite, reinforced concrete, hard marble, soft marble, ceramic, etc.

Granite: gang saw, wire saw, large saw blade, etc.

Reinforced concrete: saw blades, wire saws, core drill bit, etc.

Application of geology and mining: geological drills, large core bits, etc.

Hard marble: wire saws, large saw blades, frame saws, etc.

Ceramic: trimming saw blades, grinding tools, etc.

Soft marble: wire saws, frame saws, grinding tools, etc.

For example,