Series Brief Application Recommend

Series Brief

Synthetic diamond also known as lab grown diamond, refer to the diamond made in the laboratory. Our synthetic diamond is synthesized by HPHT technology. The crystal is a complete hexahedron and octahedron with the same crystal orientation, complete crystal surface and very high purity.

Product features:

1. High hardness.

2. High heat conductivity.

3. Low friction coefficient with non-ferrous metals.

4. High finish.

5. High transparency under visible and infrared light.

6 High refractive index.

7. High elastic modulus.

8. Wide band gap coefficient.

9. Low thermal expansion coefficient.

10. Relatively high chemical inertness under normal temperature.

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Applicaiton Recommend

1. Non ferrous metal turning, such as: aluminum, aluminum alloy, copper, etc.

2. Cutting tools for non-ferrous and non-metallic materials: ceramics, composite materials, plastics, rubber, graphite, glass, etc.

3. Grinding wheel dressing pen, wear-resistant parts and wire drawing die.

4. All kinds of special tools, such as single crystal diamond tools, carving tools, grinding tools, etc.

5. Cut flat glass (such as mobile screen, etc.).

6. It can be used as the seed of CVD single crystal diamond.

7. Decorations, such as watches, tie clips, rings, necklaces, pendants and earrings.